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Sunday, December 04, 2005


We are in the 21st Century. The notion of robots taking jobs is totally absurd. Innovation and technology can only add prosperity.

Productivity not creation of jobs is where it is at.

Here are a few views from the web.

Robots costing jobs is nonsense. Technology merely increases productivity (thus increasing the standard of living), increases in technology does not take away jobs.

This is from: Atanu Dey

Employment is a good thing but one should remember that employment is not the goal of an economic system—it is an instrument for the real goal of the economy which is to produce goods and services for the population and to distribute them in some reasonably fair way. I for one would be happy to be unemployed if only I get the stuff that I need to keep b and s together.

What would we do if we resisted the computer and left the short hand, punch cards and typists in jobs?

A virtual tour of a glass factory:
VW' s Phaeton assembly plant robots & people. Today's manufacturing!


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