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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Offshoring is to the benefit of all. It is a mutual understanding that is thousands of years old. It should be beneficial to all parties involved.

The current problem in offshoring is that offshoring is happening to fast with too many people, at a time that the US is most vulnerable. Vulnerable because of the rate of domestic savings and huge deficits.

In order to combat or compete in this huge arena, we must have strong leadership in the government sector, the corporate world as well as the average citizen. The government servants should not worry about whose votes or money support they are not going to get in the next election. The corporate CFO must look beyond the next quarters’ dividends. The average citizen must save.

Back to basics! You can and you will be replaced for a more productive and less expensive model. All it takes is $500.USD for one H-1B visa and you are history, and if your personal motor skills are not needed it is simpler and less expensive, just offshore it.

DOOM OF THE DOLLAR - 6 min. video



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