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Friday, November 04, 2005


All industry is saying we need practical skills not just 4-yr english degrees. This article is a history of education since 1920's, how we got where we are at. We rose to the task in the 1920's and 193o's, the question is how are we going to compete globally today and tomorrow?

"Colleges have been in the forefront of teaching the types of skills that build on workers' previous experiences to create new job skills . Currently almost one in three of their enrollees are aged thirty or older, a statistic that suggests that these individuals have previous job experience. The impressive expansion of these learning centers attests to their success in imparting both general and practical job-related learning. A rising proportion of the population is also taking advantage of both general adult education and work-related instruction. The fact that, over the years, more than 94 percent of the workforce has been employed, on average, indicates that U.S. workers apparently have been sufficiently skilled and motivated to learn the new tasks that enable them to earn, on average, an ever-rising real wage."

Greenspan and education, read more:



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