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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Does Your Company Need Skilled Workers?

How much would you pay for an experienced set-up person and programmer delivered to your doorstep first thing Monday morning?
Yes I know, the first question would be "Do you have two or three?"

Just the thought or wet dream of hiring an experienced applications engineer sends a tingle down the old spine! You know, somewhat the same tingle about 35 years ago, being at the beach looking at some attractive ladies /or hunks, whichever is your preference these days.
Well, it is thirty years too late and the chances of getting an experienced application person is just about as remote as you going back in time. The question is: What are we doing, or should be doing to get that tingle back? (I mean the experienced applications engineer?)

It seems that our local educational institutions are too worried about fuel cells, nano-something, bio-chemical infusion/diffusion, etc..
All we manufactureres are asking is to give us the skilled workers that we can use in our plants today.
It seems that we make a point of not talking to our educational institutions, while in fact, we should be demanding of them to give us the people with the skills needed in manufacturing.
Collaborating, working together towards a solution, would seem like a good start. The global competition is going to pull us together, in numbers we gain strength. Whether it be changing the laws or changing the curriculum in schools, we must join together and continue to be a global manufacturing might.

The media tells us that the American manufacturing industry is dead.
Manufacturing by far is not dead, but it is changing, and for the better.
It seems safe to say if manufacturing is dying, so is the country. Without manufacturing we will not have a country, at least not the way we envisioned America the Great. Instead we will be America the Land of Paupers.


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  • At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great blog! It's about time someone recognized the problems facing our industry and is speaking out. I hope more people will jump on the bandwagon to help solve these issues.

  • At 10:59 AM, Blogger Tom, MaryBeth, and Dave said…

    Thanks for your words encoouragement. Give us some of your opinions on some of the articles.

  • At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are quite welcome for the words of encouragement. I will give you my opinion on the article that I felt spoke to me personally. That would be the article "Make Manufacturing Sexy". I agree that we, as a society,as educators and as parents tend to discourage the next generation of workers going into the trades. And I agree with what the author said about recognizing a young persons aptitude for undergraduate and graduate education around the 10th grade. It's simply not for everyone. It's a lot like kids in sports...sure they might enjoy playing football in school. That doesn't mean they are cut out to play for the NFL. I would love to see a school/program/training center where emphasis is placed on the importance of the trades to our turn validating the importance of a career in the trades.


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